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Pictogramme horloge 25 April 2022 Pictogramme etiquette Innovation

Eurofins Biomnis offers oncogenetic exome sequencing

Today, constitutional genetic diagnosis plays an important role in treating patients that are suspected of being predisposed to forms of cancer, used to:

  • guide treatment
  • organise follow-up and monitoring
  • offer genetic counselling to blood relatives

Many genes have been identified in recent years that are indicative of predisposition, and more will be identified in the future.

In oncogenetics, exomes allow the analysis of all genes known to be involved in genetic predispositions to forms of cancer, in particular predisposition to breast, ovarian, gastric, pancreatic, skin or kidney cancer. Exomes also allow the examination of candidate genes and later reinterpretation of data as medical knowledge advances, since the genes will have already been sequenced.

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