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Last updated: 16 May 2022
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Privacy Policy

Eurofins Biomnis takes the protection of your personal data very seriously and undertakes to respect the applicable law, in particular the principles resulting from the General European Regulation on the protection of personal data n°2016-679 of 27 April 2016, which came into force on 25 May 2018 (hereafter “GERD”) and the amended law of 6 January 1978, (hereafter “Data Protection Act”).

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide you with all the information on the way your personal data is collected and processed and on the security we provide for them on the website, it being specified that a Privacy Policy dedicated to cookies supplements this document.

If you wish to ask us a question or in particular to make use of your rights regarding your personal data (see paragraph 9 below), you can contact the Data Protection Officer at the following address:

1. Who are we?

When you use the features of our website and in order to provide you with the best possible service, you may be asked to provide personal data about yourself.

Eurofins Biomnis is responsible for the processing of this personal data in accordance with the RGPD and the modified law of 6 January 1978 known as “Informatique et libertés”. Eurofins Biomnis is a SELAS with a capital of 287 04.80 euros, whose head office is located at 17/19 avenue Tony Garnier 69007 Lyon and registered with the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under number 493 519 904.

The notion of personal data refers here to information that identifies you personally, such as your surname, first names, file number, invoice number, email address, your means of payment, your credit card details, information relating to the payment of invoices, as well as data relating to your connection to our website (IP address, date and time of connection) and navigation data.

2. How do we ensure the security and confidentiality of your data?

From the very beginning of the Eurofins Biomnis service, we have attached particular importance to the security of the personal data you entrust to us.

We can therefore assure you that we have taken all the appropriate organisational and technical measures, as well as all useful precautions to preserve the security of the information described above and in particular to prevent it from being distorted or damaged or from unauthorised third parties having access to it.

3. Why do we process your personal data?

We  process the data that we collect via cookies or activity trackers on the legal basis of our legitimate interest. The details of these data and the means of their collection are specified in our Privacy Policy dedicated to cookies, which complements this document.

4. What personal data do we collect and process?

We may process data:

  • identification data concerning you (IP addresses, etc.);
  • data concerning the consultation of the site and the services it offers.
5. Who are the recipients of the information that you entrust to us?

The personal information that you are likely to provide may be consulted by the staff of our company (in particular the staff of the invoicing, accounting, collection and international division) as well as all the group’s subsidiaries (to be found on, the departments responsible for control (in particular the auditor) and our subcontractors within the strict framework of the purposes that we have presented to you.

Thus, we do not sell or disclose personal information about visitors to our website to third parties except as described below:

  • to trusted companies or persons to process your personal data on our behalf, based on our instructions and in accordance with applicable data privacy regulations ;
  • to service providers we have selected to perform services on our behalf;
  • to companies, organisations or individuals outside Eurofins if we have good reason to believe that access, use, preservation or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to :
    • perform and enforce the terms of the contract;
    • comply with any applicable legal, regulatory, judicial or other governmental request;
    • detect, prevent or combat fraud, security breaches or technical problems;
    • protect against any infringement of the rights, property or safety of Eurofins, our users or the public as required or permitted by law;
  • to law enforcement or regulatory authorities if we believe in good faith that we are required by law to disclose them in connection with the detection of a crime, the collection of taxes or duties, to comply with any applicable law or order of a court of competent jurisdiction, or in connection with any legal proceedings;
  • to third parties in connection with a merger, acquisition or bankruptcy, in the event that we sell or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets (including as a result of bankruptcy).

We would like to point out that we have signed strict safety clauses with our subcontractors, in compliance with article 28 of the RGPD, specifying in particular the safety objectives to be achieved.

We have rigorously selected our subcontractors according to the security of the hosting they provide (at the level of the strictest standards) and have tightened both the infrastructures and the contracts concluded with them to allow you to entrust us with your data with complete peace of mind.

6. Services offered via social networks

In order to provide you with the most complete services, we have provided for you the ability to easily share the pages you consult on your social networks. Clicking on social network buttons may result in the collection and exchange of certain data between the social networks and the Eurofins Biomnis website.

Our website uses social plug-ins on its different pages (“share” buttons on third party social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

When you visit certain pages on our site, a connection is automatically established with YouTube servers (Google) which can then be informed that you have accessed the corresponding page on our site.
Eurofins Biomnis is not responsible for the use of your data by YouTube (Google) for its own purposes.

We inform you that the information transmitted to the various social networks under the conditions we have mentioned may be transmitted and processed by these companies via their servers located in several countries around the world, including the United States, in accordance with their own privacy policies, which we invite you to read.

We invite you to read our Privacy Policy dedicated to cookies for more details on this issue.

7. Where is your data processed?

However, your personal data may be transferred outside the EU in case one of the recipients mentioned above in paragraph 6 is located outside the EU and only in countries :

In addition, if you decide to use your accounts on social networks to share content, this connection may result in the communication of certain data on the servers used by these services located outside the European Union and particularly in the United States (see paragraph 6 above).

8. We collect only the information necessary to provide the service.

When collecting your personal data on Eurofins Biomnis, we will tell you which data are mandatory and which are optional. We will also inform you of the possible consequences of a lack of response.

With regard to cookies, we provide you with a dedicated screen allowing you to choose the type of cookies used on the site.

9. How long do we keep your data?

Your connection data (IP address, date and time of connection, pages viewed) is kept for a maximum of 12 months.

The retention period of each cookie is specified in our Privacy Policy dedicated to cookies.

Other personal data collected will be kept for a period of 3 years from your last payment.
They will then be kept for intermediate archiving in order to meet accounting or tax obligations and in the event of litigation, within the limit of the applicable limitation period.

10. We respect your rights

You have the right:

  • to access your data
  • to correct and update them;
  • to object to the processing carried out or to ask for its limitation, within the framework of what the law provides;
  • to erase your personal data, as provided for by the law; and

You may also request the portability of data concerning you insofar as the processing carried out would be based on the legal basis of the contract (see Article 3). Finally, you may issue instructions on the fate of your data (storage, deletion, communication) after your death.

To exercise these rights, you may :

Send us a letter to the following address: Data Protection Delegate, Eurofins Biomnis, 17/19 avenue Tony Garnier 69007 Lyon
Send us an email at the following address:
If, unfortunately, you are still not satisfied with our response, you have the right at any time to make a complaint to the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés), for example on its website:

Privacy policy dedicated to cookies

You can modify the choices you have made on the cookies concerning your browsing by going to the dedicated screen that we make available to you.

1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files, often encrypted, stored in your browser. They are created when a user’s browser loads a given website: the site sends information to the browser, which then creates a text file. Each time the user returns to the same site, the browser retrieves this file and sends it to the website server.

The use of cookies on the Eurofins Biomnis site is based on our legitimate interest in improving the functioning of our site, ensuring its smooth operation, as well as allowing audience measurement or allowing the display of video.

2. Who is responsible for the data processing carried out on this site?

Eurofins Biomnis (17-19 avenue Tony Garnier – 69007 Lyon) is responsible for the processing of data carried out by internal cookies.

We have drafted this Cookie Privacy Policy in order to show you all the data that Eurofins collects about you through tracking technologies such as cookies.

This information is intended to give you a better understanding of what cookies are and the role they play when you visit our website. If you have any questions regarding this notice on cookies or if you wish to make a request related to your personal data, please contact us via our contact point:

3. What is the relationship between our Privacy Policy and this cookie-specific Privacy Policy?

In addition, this Cookie Specific Privacy Policy is part of a more global document, our Privacy Policy, which we invite you to discover.

It is in this global Privacy Policy that you will find details of the rights you have over your personal data, the means of exercising those rights and the degree of security we provide for your data. We therefore invite you to refer to this document on all these subjects.

4. The cookies we use on the website

We use three types of cookies on our Eurofins Biomnis website: cookies strictly necessary for the service (4.1) and advertising cookies (5.2).

4.1 Cookies strictly necessary for the service

These cookies are indispensable for browsing a website and being able to use its functionalities, such as access to secure areas. Without these cookies, the services that website users request, such as shopping carts or electronic invoices, cannot be provided. For this reason, these cookies are used independently of the user’s consent. Cookies that are strictly necessary are used to store a unique identifier in order to manage and identify the user as unique to other users currently visiting the website, in order to provide a consistent and accurate service to the user.

These cookies make it possible to provide services that users of the website have specifically requested.

These cookies are internal cookies, which are configured by the web server of the page visited and which share the same domain. They are persistent and are deleted after a maximum period of one year (see attached table for more details). Some cookies have the exclusive purpose of allowing or facilitating communication by electronic means.

NamePublisherRecipientPurposeLife time
Extra-cookies-acceptedGridwiseCookie acceptance1 month
4.2 Advertising cookies

In order to be used on the site, some cookies require your consent. These are advertising cookies listed in the table below.

The target or advertising cookies will quite often be linked to site functionality provided by other organizations. The data contained in these cookies is generally set and controlled by these third party organizations.

In addition, we wish to provide you with a wide range of multimedia information. That is why we embed videos from YouTube (YouTube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066 USA). The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 point f) GDR.

The integration works in enhanced privacy mode, it is also called cookie-free solution, which means that only when the video is actually played back will YouTube place cookies and web beacons for the personalization of advertising and search results.

When you play the YouTube video, the following data is transmitted to Google as the YouTube operator:

  • the IP address,
  • the specific address of the page visited,
  • the transferred browser ID
  • date and time of the call system,
  • existing cookies that can be used to uniquely identify your browser.

This data processing is the sole responsibility of Google as operator of YouTube. We have no knowledge and cannot influence the data processed there (and the way it is processed). Please note that Google may receive further information via cookies already stored on your computer. We have no knowledge and cannot influence the data processed there (and the way it is processed). To view the YouTube privacy policy, as well as to obtain more information about these processing operations, please click here.

You can express your consent by activating the corresponding radio button on the information and consent banner on the site or in the table above.

You can, in the same way, withdraw your consent at any time by deactivating the radio button corresponding to the cookie concerned.

NamePublisherRecipientPurposeLife time ou IDEGoogleGoogleAdvertising Cookie1 year and 24 days
PREFYouTubeYouTube (Google)This cookie stores your preferences and other information, such as your choice of language and number of searches1 year
VISITOR_INFO1 LiveYouTubeYouTube (Google)This cookie measures your bandwidth and thus determines whether you have the new or the old interface6 months
GPSYouTubeYouTube (Google)This cookie stores a unique identifier on the mobile phone to track the geographical locationQuelques minutes
CONSENTYouTubeYouTube (Google)Advertising Cookie18years and 1 month
5. How to control cookies?

In addition to the control you have over the cookies we use, via the dedicated screen that we make available to you, you can control and/or delete cookies at your convenience. You can erase all cookies that are already on your computer and you can configure most browsers to prevent them from appearing. In this case, however, you may need to manually set certain preferences each time you visit a site and some services and features may not work.

For more general information about cookies and how to disable them in your browser, visit

6. We collect information about you through web beacons and tracking settings.

We also use software similar to cookies known as web beacons. A web beacon is one of many techniques used to find out who is reading a web page or email, when and from which computer. It can also be used to redirect the client user to a third party web service for tracking purposes.

It is not possible to deny the use of web beacons. However, because they are used in conjunction with cookies, you can effectively disable them by setting your browser to limit or block cookies.

We also use ETag, which is a header field of the HTTP protocol primarily used to validate web caches and allow more efficient browsing. It has also been used for cookie purposes.

We also use Scripts (e.g. JavaScript code) and components (such as browser plug-ins like Adobe Flash) to generate web pages and automate IT processes. You can disable Scripts, such as JavaScript, through your browser (see your browser settings).

7. We collect information about you through third parties

We use third-party audience data from Google Analytics such as age, gender and interests to collaborate with companies that collect information about your online activities to provide advertising targeted to your interests and preferences. For example, you may see certain ads on other websites because we have contracted with Google and other similar companies to target our ads based on information we or they have collected, including information that has been collected through automated means (such as cookies and web beacons). These companies also use automated technologies to collect information when you click on our advertisements, which helps track and manage the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

You may opt out of automated information collection by third-party ad networks for the purpose of providing ads that are tailored to your interests by visiting the consumer opt-out page for the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising at and editing or opting out of your ad preferences from the Google Display Network. Because these preference control and opt-out pages are specific to the individual browser used to visit them, and because this page is not managed by Eurofins Biomnis, we cannot perform the opt-outs on your behalf.

8. Global Privacy Policy

Finally, we would like to remind you that this Global Privacy Policy contains details of the rights you have over your personal data, the means of exercising these rights, the persons to whom your data is transferred or the cases of data transfer outside the European Union, as well as the degree of security we ensure for your data. We therefore invite you to refer to this document on all these subjects.

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