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Updated management of thyroid cancers

The incidence of thyroid cancers is on the rise: over the past 30 years, reported cases have multiplied sixfold in industrialised countries, mainly concerning “small” cancers. The proportion of papillary micro-cancers has risen from 5%…

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Infertility in women: what assessment?

Infertility is a disease defined as the absence of pregnancy despite regular unprotected sexual intercourse for a period of at least 12 months. According to the WHO report, the estimated prevalence of infertility worldwide between…

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[Partnership] For personalised treatment in oncology

Eurofins Biomnis and Oncomedics (CliniSciences Group) partner to make Oncogramme® available to oncologists and their patients Eurofins Biomnis has joined...
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A Word from our experts

Biological management of of hematological malignancies

Everything you need to know about biological management of hematological malignancies explained in a few minutes by Dr Benoît QUILICHINI, clinical pathologist at the Eurofins Biomnis laboratory.

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Find the documents (order form, clinical information sheet ...) available to you for a good management of the requested analysis

Clinical pathologist / Healthcare professional

Exome sequencing in premature ovarian failure: More precise and personalised guidance for patients and couples (DS111-INTGB)

Healthcare professional / Clinical pathologist

B59-INTGB - Test request form : Genetics of chronic and hereditary pancreatitis

Healthcare professional / Clinical pathologist

Prenatal exome sequencing (DS108-INTGB)

Optimised diagnosis for fetal malformations

Clinical pathologist / Healthcare professional

Sample calendar - Serum screening for Down’s syndrome in the 1st or 2nd trimester of pregnancy (D21-INTGB-2023)

Clinical pathologist / Partner / Healthcare professional

Diagnostics of mycobacterial infections (DS1-INTGB)

Clinical pathologist / Healthcare professional

Autoantibodies in the diagnosis and follow-up of auto-immune diseases (DS4-INTGB)

Healthcare professional

D23-INTGB - Declaration of consultation and consent


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Eurofins Biomnis, driving innovation in specialised clinical pathology
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Eurofins Biomnis uses Whole Exome Sequencing to detect Copy Number Variation (CNV), improving diagnostic performance for patients with genetic diseases
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