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Eurofins Biomnis is a member of the Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics France network of laboratories.

This network pools a wide variety of disciplines together to create comprehensive, innovative clinical diagnostics solutions, embracing everything from clinical research to hyperspecialised clinical pathology.

By leveraging this widely based expertise, we are able to effectively support all participants in the healthcare chain: healthcare professionals, clinical pathology laboratories, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries; … and day after day, we play our part in writing the next chapter in the future of medicine.

Eurofins Biomnis, European leader in specialised medical pathology, emanates from a laboratory founded by Marcel Mérieux in 1897. Eurofins Biomnis is based on a concept of specialised biology that is entirely dedicated to excellence, innovation and technological investment.

With a menu of over 3,000 assays, Eurofins Biomnis laboratories has established its reputation for the development of new novel tests and the availability of routine and esoteric tests. As a partner of first-line medical laboratories, Biomnis provides its highly skilled expertise to all its stakeholders (both private and hospital-based laboratories) on a daily basis.

Day after day, the pathologists at Eurofins Biomnis can help both their fellow pathologists and prescribing physicians with the interpretation of results and contribute to improve prevention, earlier screening tests, more precise and rapid diagnoses, as well as a greater efficacy of therapeutic treatments.

Our values

Striving for excellence in public health

With close to 39,000 diagnostic tests performed per day, Eurofins Biomnis is committed to providing all patients from across the globe, with access to the most specialised and innovative screening, diagnosis, and monitoring or therapeutic adjustment techniques available.

Through its long-term partnerships with International logistical courriers, Eurofins Biomnis possesses the tools and know-how to ensure sample integrity on a global scale, from collection to its arrival in Eurofins Biomnis laboratories. Eurofins Biomnis is committed to guaranteeing the same high quality of care and access to innovation to patients all over the world.

Areas of expertise

Specialised medical pathology

Eurofins Biomnis focuses mainly on specialised pathology testing, which requires highly skilled expertise, and which cannot be performed in routine private or hospital-based laboratories. Eurofins Biomnis specialises in all areas of pathology and testing is performed using the most recent and cutting-edge techniques, which necessitate complex calibrations and validations, highly qualified experts and sophisticated equipment.

Clinical trials

The Clinical Trials Department at Eurofins Biomnis was created in 1998, and runs clinical studies and develops assay methods for the pharmaceutical industry.

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