Eurofins Biomnis is a european leader in specialised medical pathology with :

  • Two specialised sites in France :
    • Paris (Ivry-sur-Seine) : treatment of large-volume specialised tests on an autolab platform
    • Lyon (Gerland) : treatment of highly specialised requests, requiring specific expertise (genetics, oncology, infectious diseases, genetic fingerprinting…)
  • International clients in over 42 countries
  • A specialised, clinical reference laboratory in Dublin, Eurofins Biomnis Ireland

Eurofins Biomnis serves hospitals, medical centres, public and private laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial centres on a global scale and is particularly well established in the Middle-East, Europe and Asia.

The International Division of Eurofins Biomnis is organised in such a way as to optimise and ensure the best service levels to our International clients. It provides a remote and highly responsive customer support through a single point of contact for each client and will cater for all of your patient’s requirements including: preanalytical advice, local, technical and logistical support as and when required, test information and post-analytical provision of clinical advice, through Eurofins Biomnis’ network of 45 expert clinical pathologists.