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The maintenance of good health is a major element in the prevention of many diseases. Through a (re)adaptation of lifestyle (diet, physical activity, choice of environment), it can be assessed as a whole or more specifically, by different biological markers likely to reflect possible malfunctions, deficiencies or deficiencies that can then be highlighted, corrected or controlled.

Juvenalis is a range of biological panels carried out within Eurofins Biomnis laboratories. It is intended for practitioners and healthcare professionals who wish to support their patients in their efforts to ensure a “good old age” and/or to take charge of their own health.

This range is made up of panels but also analyses that can be carried out alone.

Each panels offer specific features likely to answer patients’ questions:

  • MiniCheck and BasicCheck are the recommended first-line check-ups. Composed of markers of oxidative stress, low grade inflammation and (micro)nutritional status, it allows an initial check-up of the state of health,
  • AgeCheck Men and AgeCheck Women are designed for patients wishing to take stock of their health as part of an “anti-ageing” approach,
  • DermaCheck is a basic dermatological health check, designed to support the assurance of beautiful skin,
  • DigestCheck is intended for all patients suffering from functional intestinal disorders, often of unexplained origin: the proposed check-up may provide other avenues to explore, or support a corrective action already initiated,
  • FertiCheck Man / FertiCheck Woman are designed for couples wishing to optimize their fertility,
  • NutriCheck has been specifically designed for patients who are concerned about nutrition and weight control,
  • OxyCheck  estimates the level of oxidative stress in progress in the body, using a specific index/calculation to express this state of being.”
  • VeggieCheck is intended for people who practice a vegetarian or vegan diet and wish to monitor whether their micronutritional status is impacted by their diet,
  • Minerals allows to take stock of mineral deficiencies (iron, iodine, copper…),
  • Vitamins allows to take stock of vitamin deficiencies (A, B1, B2, C, D…).

Among the proposed analyses :

Each analysis that makes up a Juvenalis panels is managed and carried out in a strictly identical way to its general context: validation is carried out by the pathologist(s) responsible for the sector concerned, then the entire assessment is collated before being validated, and if necessary commented on, by one of the Juvenalis reference pathologists (who are part of the Eurofins Biomnis pathologist).

Our pathologists have been trained in preventive biology, particularly in the fields of micronutrition, oxidative stress or metabolisms involved in functional disorders.  In France it represent more than 75% of the reasons for consultation and are recognised as being at the origin of many chronic or autoimmune diseases.

All the required information are available on the Juvenalis site : https://www.juvenalis.com/en/

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