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Wellness & Preventive Health

Maintaining a good state of health is a major factor in the prevention of many pathologies. With a view to making lifestyle changes (diet, physical activity, choice of environment), various biological markers likely to reflect any dysfunctions, deficits or deficiencies can be assessed and attention may then be directed towards them, for their control or correction.

Juvenalis is a range of biological analyses performed by the Eurofins Biomnis laboratories. They are aimed at practitioners and health professionals wishing to support patients who seek to optimally manage the ageing process and/or take charge of their own health.

Each analysis has specific features designed to answer patients’ questions:

  • BasicCheck is the recommended first-line analysis. Consisting of markers of oxidative stress, low-grade inflammation and (micro-)nutritional status, this analysis provides an initial assessment of the state of health,
  • AgeCheck Man/Woman is aimed at patients wishing to address their health as the starting point for a conscious “anti-ageing” strategy.
  • NutriCheck and WeightCheck have been specifically designed for patients who are conscious of what they eat and want to control their weight.
  • OsteoCheck and StressCheck can help identify causes of bone problems or disorders associated with stress, fatigue, insomnia or anxiety.
  • DermaCheck is a basic dermatological health check, designed to help maintain youthful skin.
  • DigestCheck is suitable for all patients with functional bowel disorders, often of unexplained origin: the proposed analysis may open up other avenues for exploration, or support a corrective action that has already been initiated.
  • And finally, Sportify, designed for patients who do sports, whether for competition or leisure.

Each Juvenalis test included in the analysis is treated and performed exactly the same as it would be in a general context: it is validated by the head pathologist in the relevant field, after which the individual elements of the analysis are brought together before being validated, and if necessary commented on, by one of Juvenalis’ expert clinical pathologists (who belong to the Eurofins Biomnis team).

Our clinical pathologists are trained in preventive and functional pathology, with particular focus on micro-nutrition, oxidative stress or the mechanisms involved in functional impairments, which in France account for over 75% of consultations and are known to be the cause of many chronic and autoimmune diseases.

All the required information is available on the Juvenalis site : www.juvenalis.com/en/

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