Immunohaematology – Eurofins Biomnis
Immunohaematology plays a critical role in the prevention of transfusion incidents, as well as the diagnosis and monitoring of fetal-maternal incompatibilities.

The following analyses are performed at Eurofins Biomnis:

  • blood typing ABO-RH-KEL1, extended phenotyping (systems FY, JK, MNS, LE, LU, etc.),
  • screening and identification of red cell antibodies,
  • the direct antiglobulin test,
  • titration and microtitration of anti-RH1 antibodies for the screening of a potential anti-RH1 immunisation in pregnant women after they received an injection of anti-D gamma globulins. Eurofins Biomnis collaborates with the CNRHP (Centre National de Référence en Hémobiologie Périnatale; National Centre of Reference in Perinatal Haemobiology) to monitor alloimmunised patients (titration, weighted assays for antibodies), and with the INTS (Institut National de la Transfusion Sanguine; National Institute of Blood Transfusion) for the diagnosis and monitoring of anti-platelet alloimmunizations.
  • research and quantification of fetal-maternal haemorrhage by flow cytometry. This technique is more reliable than the Kleihauer test and it measures with precision the percentage of fetal erythrocytes in the maternal circulation.

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