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Press Kit 2021

Pictogramme horloge 2021/10/01

Eurofins Biomnis, driving innovation in specialised clinical pathology


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Pictogramme horloge 01/06/2021

Eurofins Biomnis uses Whole Exome Sequencing to detect Copy Number Variation (CNV), improving diagnostic performance for patients with genetic diseases

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Pictogramme horloge 09/02/2021

Eurofins Biomnis offers analysis of gene panels by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to meet the fast-growing demand for personalised therapies in solid oncology

Eurofins Biomnis, European leader in specialised medical pathology, has been offering its expertise in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for solid oncology, drawing on its wide experience for more than a year now in malignant hemopathies.

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Pictogramme horloge 23/01/2021

Eurofins Biomnis detects variants of SARS-CoV-2

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Pictogramme horloge 14/12/2020

Eurofins Biomnis Responds to increasing demand for exome sequencing

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Pictogramme horloge 22/01/2020

Eurofins Biomnis and SeqOne partner to improve clinical access to whole exome testing

The partnership allows Eurofins Biomnis to provide clinicians treating hereditary diseases access to fast and affordable Whole Exome sequencing, together with state-ofthe-art interpretation tools that facilitate the interpretation of the data.

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Pictogramme horloge 17/10/2019

Personalised medicine in onco-haematology: what our genes tell us about ourselves!

Personalised medicine in onco-haematology: what our genes tell us about ourselves!

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Pictogramme horloge 10/04/2019

Eurofins Biomnis, driving innovation in medical biology

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Pictogramme horloge 23/02/2017

Eurofins Biomnis offers new diagnostic tool for rare diseases

With its mastery of these scientific and technological techniques, Eurofins Biomnis is the first private medical laboratory in France to offer the medical exome and backed by its efficient organization and daily collection network, assure all patients and the medical profession of complete continuity of support both in France and internationally.

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Pictogramme horloge 16/11/08

Eurofins Biomnis offers a new tool for clinical diagnostics : clinical exome

Eurofins Biomnis is the first private medical pathology laboratory in France to offer clinical exome (sequencing & medical interpretation).

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Pictogramme horloge 03/10/2016

A new identity for a new phase

As the standard-bearer of the "Clinical Diagnostics" division of Eurofins Scientific in Europe, Biomnis is today proud to unveil its new logo.

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Pictogramme horloge 2016/07/18

Biomnis mobilises efforts early in the face of the Zika epidemic

Biomnis - The laboratory's commitment to serving public health

Working closely with the specialist French Reference Centres and health authorities, Biomnis is continuing its work relating to this arbovirus epidemic, reaffirming the laboratory's commitment to serving public health.

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Pictogramme horloge 2016/06/13

Biomnis partners with american laboratory Diatherix

Panel-based molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases:

Based on a deep synergy between their scientific and medical activities, this partnership focuses on a sharing of expertise between Diatherix and Biomnis in order to reach a common goal: to provide innovative and reliable tests for improved diagnosis of infectious diseases.

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Pictogramme horloge 2016/02/23

Biomnis Unicancer Partnership - Prosigna® gene signature assay

Biomnis - Breast cancer

The Prosigna® gene signature assay for breast cancer prognosis has been developed based on the PAM 50 gene expression signature within cancerous breast tissue and Biomnis has partnered up with the Unicancer Group to perform this assay in order to provide individualised and personalised management of breast cancer.

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Pictogramme horloge 2016/01/12

Determining toxicity risk to 5-FU based chemotherapies

Biomnis - Chemotherapies toxicity risk

Biomnis, in partnership with ODPM, is releasing a test to determine the toxicity risk to 5-FU chemotherapy and provide personalised PK adjusted 5-FU doses to patients.

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