Working at Eurofins Biomnis – Eurofins Biomnis

Our values, our commitments

Joining Eurofins Biomnis means sharing our passion: to develop the most cutting edge medical testing methods in order to help health professionals make diagnoses.

It means having conviction, whatever the field and whatever the sector and requires personal investment for the guaranteed success of Eurofins Biomnis and the satisfaction of its clients to help patients and public health.

Our jobs concern all stages of the medical diagnostic chain. They are coherent and complement each other so as to get the results which best match the expectations of the patients and health professionals: the logistics of sample collection, file registration, medical analysis, client services and medical authorisation and interpretation, as well as the other vital roles of support within the laboratory: IT, Accounting, Maintenance, HR….

Here at Eurofins Biomnis, we have a strong penchant for excellence. Our employees want our laboratory to actively contribute to daily medical progress which stems from our research and to bring this expertise to all health professionals and their patients.

Working within Eurofins Biomnis means being capable through your skills, your behavior and implication, by reflecting our performance values of excellence and commitment to the benefit and health of all patients.

We are strong advocates of continous learning and personal development and Eurofins Biomnis guarantees all of our employees opportunities to upskill and participate in higher education training throughout their career with us.

Eurofins Biomnis also puts great emphasis on valuing its employees and encourages teamwork, excellence and commitment!

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