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[Partnership] For personalised treatment in oncology

Eurofins Biomnis and Oncomedics (CliniSciences Group) partner to make Oncogramme® available to oncologists and their patients

Eurofins Biomnis has joined forces with the French biotechnology company Oncomedics, an expert in personalised cancer treatment. This partnership enable Eurofins Biomnis to be the first clinical diagnostics laboratory to perform the Oncogramme®, an in vitro diagnostic medical device that can predict the effectiveness of chemotherapy in real life.

Determining the sensitivity of a tumour to one or more anti-tumour agents

All patients with metastatic colorectal cancer* receive chemotherapy, sometimes in combination with other treatments, and historically there has been no tool available for measuring prognostic effectiveness. However, the Oncogramme® now provides oncologists with a diagnostic tool that can identify the most effective treatment combinations to treat a colorectal cancer patient.

This functional test determines the sensitivity of the tumour to one or more anti-tumour agents, in vitro without risk for the patient. The test develops cell cultures from the patient’s tumour and assesses the cell cultures against various therapeutic molecules. The response of these tumour cells to the anti-tumour agents is then analysed by expert clinical pathologists who send a report to the prescribing clinician advising him or her on the treatments to be proposed.

Eurofins Biomnis, a laboratory committed to personalised oncology treatments

The partnership with Oncomedics represents Eurofins Biomnis’ ongoing commitment to advancing personalised medicine. For the laboratory, Oncogramme® marks a significant step forward in the management of metastatic colon cancer.

Indeed by helping to identify the most effective therapeutic strategy for the patient from the outset, the development of the Oncogramme® should ensure both medical and socio-economic benefits.


*Currently, Oncogramme® is available for the analysis of metastatic colon cancer and will be extended to other cancers in due course.