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1. Healthcare provider


You are prescribing Ninalia NIPT on the basis of your patient’s medical records. The goal of Ninalia test is to provide a screening result on trisomy 21, 18 and 13.
Other rarer chromosome abnormalities can also been screened according to the patient’s choice, e.g. autosomal abnormalities, deletions and duplications greater than 7 megabases. Your patient may also be aware of foetal gender determination and sex chromosomes aneuploidies.

You must provide Eurofins Biomnis with the following documents required for the collecting the sample:

  • Medical prescription and justification as to why the test is indicated,
  • Test request form with the clinical data. This form also contains the informed consent form that need to be signed by the patient and by you as the prescriber,
  • Report from the 1st trimester ultrasound examination.
    Blood sampling

    Ninalia NIPT requires a Streck blood collection tube provided by Eurofins Biomnis

    Practical details for the collection:

    Sample must reach Eurofins Biomnis within a maximum of five days of collection and prior to weekends and bank holidays.

2. Eurofins Biomnis laboratory

The sample and duly completed forms will be sent to Eurofins Biomnis for them to perform the test.

3. Healthcare provider

Within five business days, the healthcare provider will directly receive the results report (no results will be sent to the patient).

Eurofins Biomnis geneticists are available for any question relating to results interpretation at

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