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CRH (Corticotropin Releasing Hormone) test

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To investigate corticotropic function using CRH or CRF (Corticotropin Releasing Factor) or corticoliberin.

Subject preparation

Subject fasting for 12 hours and lying down for 30 minutes.




1 µg/kg body weight (do not exceed 75 µg).

  • The challenge must be administered at 8 a.m.
  • Commence the perfusion of normal saline 30 minutes before the challenge.
  • Samples (dry tubes for the cortisol and EDTA + aprotinin tubes for the ACTH) at time intervals: – 15 min (T-15) and 0 (T0).
  • IV injection of the correct dose of CRH over one minute.
  • Samples at time intervals T+15, T+30, T+60 and T+120 min.

After centrifugation, draw off serum and plasma. Freeze plasma (to be used to assay ACTH) immediately and store serum (to be used to assay cortisol) at +4°C.


ACTH and cortisol

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