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Adenovirus - culture

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  • Pneumotropic viruses - adenovirus
  • APC virus

Clinic significance

In children, usually causes benign infections of the upper respiratory tract, a pertussis-like syndrome or gastroenteritis (serotype h40-41). In both adults and children, it commonly causes conjunctivitis and epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (serotypes h8 and h19). Less common are serious adenoviral pneumonia (serotype 7), meningoencephalitis, hemorrhagic cystitis and infectious hemolytic anemia. For gastroenteritis, diagnosis can be made on the basis of passive agglutination using a stool extract but this test is not very sensitive. A rapid diagnosis can be made by immunofluorescence assay for viral antigens on cells from the upper respiratory or ocular mucosae. Culture remains the reference technique and should be followed up with serotyping for epidemiological purposes. Serological analysis is useful for differential diagnosis if the titer is at least 80.


  • Nasopharynx, bronchial secretions, BAL, eye, stools.
  • Refrigerated

Further information

  • Swab samples require the use of a virus transport medium supplied upon request M4RT (REMEL)
  • The use of the S14UK transport bag is Mandatory.
  • However, other biological samples must not be diluted
  • Remel M4RT® or Sigma Virocult® transport medium (not supplied by Eurofins Biomnis).
    If you do not have these media, sterile physiological saline solution NaCl 0.9% can temporarily be used (the stability of viruses in this medium has been validated).

Specific equipment available

S14: Special mycobacteria transport bags are to be used

Documents to download


Isolation of virus

Turnaround time

22 days

Pathologist(s) in charge
Biomnis Lyon
Dr Xavier NAUDOT
Dr Véronique JACOMO
+334 72 80 73 01
+334 72 80 47 43

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