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Adenovirus - IgG serology - serum

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  • APC virus
  • ADV
  • Pneumotropic viruses - adenovirus
  • adenovirus

Clinic significance

In children, usually causes benign infections of the upper respiratory tract, a pertussis-like syndrome or gastroenteritis (serotype h40-41); in both adults and children, it commonly causes conjunctivitis and epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (serotypes h8 and h19). Less common are serious pneumonia (serotype 7), meningoencephalitis, hemorrhagic cystitis and infectious hemolytic anemia. With respect to gastroenteritis, diagnosis can be made on the basis of passive agglutination using a stool extract but this test is not very sensitive. Rapid diagnosis can be made on the basis of the immunofluorescent detection of viral antigens on cells from the upper respiratory or ocular mucosae. Culture remains the reference technique and should be followed up with serotyping for epidemiological purposes. Serology is useful for differential diagnosis if the titer is at least 80.


  • 1 mL
  • serum (do not use 10 mL tube)
  • Refrigerated

Further information


    SERION ELISA classic

    Turnaround time

    1 week

    Pathologist(s) in charge
    Biomnis Lyon
    Dr Anne OVIZE
    Dr Alexia BARBRY
    +334 72 80 73 05
    +334 72 80 23 18