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Adenovirus - direct diagnosis - PCR

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Clinic significance

In children, usually causes benign infections of the upper respiratory tract, a pertussis-like syndrome or gastroenteritis (serotype h40-41). In both adults and children, it commonly causes conjunctivitis and epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (serotypes h8 and h19). Less common are serious adenoviral pneumonia (serotype 7), meningoencephalitis, hemorrhagic cystitis and infectious hemolytic anemia. The diagnosis can be made by specific CR


  • Nasopharynx, bronchial secretions, BAL, eye, stools, 5 ml urine (early morning urine without preservatives), 1 ml (minimum) of EDTA whole blood: +4°C 0.5ml CSF: FROZEN

Further information

  • Swab samples require the use of a virus transport medium supplied upon request
  • The use of the S14UK transport bag is Mandatory.
  • other biological samples must not be diluted, to be sent in a plain tube

Specific equipment available

K1: Virus screening kit by culture or PCR


Real-time PCR

Turn around Time

3 days

Pathologist(s) in charge
Biomnis Lyon
Dr Véronique JACOMO
Dr Xavier NAUDOT
+334 72 80 47 43
+334 72 80 73 01

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