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AFP: Maternal serum marker - 2nd trimester of pregnancy - serum

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Clinic significance

[To be translated]


  • 3 mL
  • Serum (do not use plasma)
  • Refrigerated

Further information

  • Non hemolysed, non-icteric, non lipemic sample. Sample must be centrifuged as quickly as possible and international samples must be frozen within 4 hours of sampling.
    Please conserve an additional sample in your serolibrary until you have received the result.
    In accordance with French regulation, ALWAYS attach the prescription, a copy of the ultrasound report and a copy of the patient consent form, signed by both the patient and the physician.

Documents to download


Fluoro-Immunoassay (time resolved)

Turnaround time

2 days

Pathologist(s) in charge
Biomnis Lyon
Down Syndrome screening and foetal biochemistry
Dr Corinne SAULT
+334 72 80 73 75