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AFP - Alpha-fetoprotein - amniotic fluid

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  • Alpha-fetoprotein - amniotic fluid
  • A-fetoprotein - amniotic fluid

Clinic significance

AFP is synthesized by the umbilical vesicle, then by the intestinal tract and liver of the foetus. Excreted in the urine, it is found in the amniotic fluid at a concentration around 150 times weaker than in the foetal blood. The AFP rate in the AF increases up to 13-14 weeks of amenorrhea, then gradually decreases up to delivery.
If the AFP is higher than the reference values established per week of amenorrhea, for the technique used in the laboratory a search for acetylcholinesterase is carried out.


  • 3 mL
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Ambient temperature

Further information

  • Amniotic fluid before centrifugation, essential in case of haemorrhagic sample ALWAYS attach:
    - the pregnancy data: date of pregnancy, number of foetuses, number of sacs sampled in case of twin pregnancy, ultrasonographic signs, abnormally high AFP level in serum Down's syndrome test, Depakine® treatment
    - the medical prescription, medical certificate and patient consent form in accordance the regulation


Fluoro-Immunoassay (time resolved)

Turnaround time

14 days

Pathologist(s) in charge
Biomnis Lyon
Down Syndrome screening and foetal biochemistry
Dr Corinne SAULT
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