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Lactic acid - plasma

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  • Lactate

Clinic significance

An intermediate in the glycolytic pathway. Measuring its level can be helpful in evaluating lactic acidosis observed during intense muscular activity, shock and a variety of different conditions including diabetic ketoacidosis, renal or hepatic insufficiency, drug overdosage and certain genetic diseases.


  • 1 mL
  • Fluoridated Plasma

Further information

  • 1 individual aliquot for this analysis
  • Freeze the sample within 1 hour after sampling
  • INDIVIDUAL OR DELICATE SAMPLE: venal blood samples must be taken when the subject has fasted and without the use of a tourniquet. Blood samples collected in floride tubes must be immediately put in ice, centrifuged in a refrigerated and decanted within the first 15 minutes of sample collection. The plasma must be frozen within 1 hour of sample collection. Icteric and/or haemolysed samples should be removed


Chemistry - Spectrophotometry

Turn around Time

2 days

Pathologist(s) in charge
Biomnis Paris
Analytical Chemistry
Dr Isabelle PETIT
+331 49 59 16 72

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