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Indirect antiglobulin test - IAT - screening/identification - whole blood

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  • Indirect Coombs
  • Anti-erythrocyte antibodies - screening/identification
  • Anti-erythrocyte antibodies - screening/identification
  • IAT - screening/identification

Clinic significance

This test is performed in the context of predicting and preventing post-transfusion reactions and problems which could arise as a result of fetomaternal alloimmunization. The presence in a blood transfusion of antibodies which give a positive result in an indirect antiglobulin test (37 °C) could have grave consequences. If alloantibodies are detected, the erythrocytes should be phenotyped to confirm that the relevant antigen is not expressed on the subject's cells.


  • 2 x 5 mL
  • EDTA whole blood
  • Refrigerated

Further information

  • SUPPLEMENTARY ANALYSES IN THE EVENT OF BIOLOGICAL ANOMALY DETECTION: when performing specific analyses, the biologists complete the evaluation in order to characterise or have a better typing of a biological anomaly, we perform:
    - identification which is compulsory if the screening test is positive,
    - the RH-KEL1 phenotypes and/or a phenotype extended to cw, Kidd, Duffy antigens, etc. which are systematic, failing a valid result, to validate the anti-erythrocyte antibody identification,
    - an anti-erythrocyte antibody titration other than anti-A, anti-B with an assay by weight for anti-RH, which are compulsory for all pregnant women in whom we have identified an immune antibody,
    - a direct Coombs test to screen for antibodies fixed on red blood cells,
    - an adsorption test in the event of antibody mixing or autoimmunisation

    Contact the International Division for further information
  • Please specify the patients full civil status on the request form and primary tube: maiden name, married name or surname used, full first name, gender and date of birth. Please send us the primary tube.
  • Enclose the specific clinical information form (R3-INTGB : Immunology-haematology (IA))
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Indirect antiglobulin test on gel-filtration medium and/or microplate

Turn around Time

1 days (2 days in case of anti D titration/microtitration and 2 weeks in case sample is referred to the National Reference centre for results confirmation)

Pathologist(s) in charge
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