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anti THSD7A antibodies - serum Refered Test

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  • anti- protein 7A of thrombospondine antibodies

Clinic significance

Idiopathic extra-membranous glomerulonephritis is one of the main causes of glomerular nephropathy in adults, and can lead to severe or terminal renal failure. The etiology and pathophysiology of this disease are still poorly understood, but is characterized by the presence of immune deposits at the level of the glomerular basement membrane, consisting of circulating autoantibodies directed against an antigen present on the surface of the epithelial cells essential for glomerular filtration : the podocytes.
More than 70% of adult patients with idiopathic extra-membranous glomerulonephritis have circulating autoantibodies of the IgG4 type that are directed against the phospholipase A2 receptor (PLA2R) present on the surface of podocytes.
The prevalence of anti-THSD7A ranges from 2.5% to 14%.
In rare cases, autoantibodies against PLA2R and THSD7A can also be found together.


  • 1 mL
  • Serum
  • Refrigerated

Further information



    Turnaround time

    15 days

    Pathologist(s) in charge
    Refered Test
    Dr Gérard PERAZZA
    Dr Anne OVIZE
    +334 72 80 23 18
    +334 72 80 73 05


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