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A collection of scientific brochures and leaflets written by our expert pathologists.

Oncogenetics - Hereditary cancer predispositions The interest of exome sequencing


Cardiomyopathies and arrhythmias The contribution of cardiogenetics in the management and care of patients and their families

93 ko 06/2021 Download

Juvenalis - Information for healthcare professionals

5 mo Update : 2021/03/31 Download

Gene panel SPINK1, PRSS1, CTRC, CPA1, CFTR et CASR for the diagnosis of hereditary pancreatitis

453 ko 24/03/2021 Download

PROSIGNA® (PAM50) prognostic gene expression test for breast cancer

2 mo 22/12/2020 Download

Management of solid tumours in Biopathology

604 ko 10/12/2020 Download

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing for trisomies 21, 18 and 13 (NIPT)

751 ko 26/08/2021 Download

Juvenalis- Gut microbiota (Information for healthcare professionals)

12 mo 23/07/2020 Download

ALEX® Allergy explorer

2 mo 12/10/2021 Download

Pathological diagnosis and follow up of patients with Mature Lymphoïd Neoplasms

465 ko 18/03/2019 Download

Chromosomal microarray analysis by SNP-array

2 mo 02/2020 Download

Pathological diagnosis and follow up of patients with Acute Leukemia

503 ko 18/03/2019 Download

Pathological diagnosis and follow up of patients with Chronic Myeloid Neoplasms

454 ko 18/03/2019 Download

ABCB1: Genetic testing to optimise the treatment of depression

1 mo 03/01/2019 Download

Tick-borne diseases

2 mo 2018/11/12 Download

Prenatal determination of foetal RhD genotyping from maternal blood (Information aimed at healthcare professionals)

1 mo 2018/10/26 Download

Lung cancer (LC)

782 ko 2018/05/25 Download

Allergy : The diagnostic process Main examinations and interpretation

1 mo 2018/03/27 Download

Fluoropyrimidines (5-FU) Prevention of toxicity and treatment optimisation

2 mo updated 2018/06/07 Download

Allergens and molecular components

1 mo 2018/01/26 Download

Clinical exome sequencing by Eurofins Biomnis - A new diagnostic tool

2 mo Update 2020/04/01 Download

Food intolerances: Diagnosis and guidance for IgG food intolerances

2 mo 27/11/2017 Download

Ovarian cancer : HE4 & ROMA score

2 mo 06/11/2017 Download

Autoantibodies in the diagnosis and follow-up of autoimmune diseases (update)

876 ko 2017/09/28 Download

Cytogenetic and genetic studies in patients with Solid tumors

604 ko 2017/07/18 - updated november 2018 Download

Diagnosis by clinical syndrome - The pathology-oriented PCR panels

1 mo 2017/06/27 Download

Specialised Pathology for Women

542 ko 02/06/2017 Download

Care and Management of Pre-Eclampsia

500 ko 01/01/2016 Download

Faecal Calprotectin

294 ko 11/02/2016 Download

Familial Mediterranean Fever

547 ko 11/02/2016 Download

NIPT Prenatal Screen

266 ko 02/11/2016 Download

Pre-eclampsia prediction screening during the first trimester

204 ko 06/03/2014 Download

Prostate Cancer phi, Prostate Health Index

225 ko 01/13/2014 Download

Progensa™ urine test for PCA3

154 ko 06/01/2012 Download

Allergie : La démarche diagnostique (french only)

155 ko 09/21/2009 Download

KRAS mutation status

305 ko 05/25/2009 Download

Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer screening

202 ko 03/24/2009 Download

Auto immune disease

312 ko 02/05/2009 Download

Diagnosis of Mycobacterial Infections

861 ko 05/20/2008 Download

Lead poisoning in children (french only)

146 ko 01/01/2007 Download

Detection of addictive substances in the urine (French only)

162 ko 02/01/2005 Download